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Seminars and Workshops


Information regarding the current situation related to COVID-19: The upcoming events of QuoData will take place until further notice. In case an event needs to be cancelled, we ensure a free and seamless cancellation.


Training/Education for analytical quality assurance as a Service 

Do you feel the need to improve your knowledge in analytical quality assurance for your daily lab work?


Every year, QuoData offers professional learning opportunities i. e. seminars, webinars and workshops covering topics directly related to our core competences. It is designed for those interested in learning about statistics and planning/evaluation in proficiency testing and more, which reflects latest statistical-based requirements of international standards.


Our well-experienced Data Scientists and PT experts provide first-hand knowledge on method development, proficiency testing and measurement uncertainty. Once the basics are covered, the focus is on advanced techniques and solving real-life day-to-day problems.


Your benefits:


  • Get a chance to significantly enhance your understanding in fields such as statistics and quality assurance
  • Get to hear first-hand about some of the latest developments from QuoData’s lecturers who are members of various national and international committees
  • Get familiar with the latest requirements of international standards such as ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17043, ISO 16140, ISO 5725


Initial objectives of QuoData training:
  • Focus on problem-solving on the basis of examples taken from typical practical situations
  • Gain deeper knowledge of planning/evaluation in proficiency testing and for interlaboratory studies
  • Expert guidance in designing and conducting method validation studies including how to report uncertainty values in measurement properly


Upcoming Workshops

Workshop for the evaluation of interlaboratory studies with PROLab

The workshop for the evaluation of interlaboratory studies gives participants the opportunity to get a clear understanding of the standards behind proficiency testing and method validation. 



English Workshop


  • When: 23 - 25 September 2020
  • Where: Dresden


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Workshop for testing laboratories in the field of food microbiology 

Workshop participants learn how to validate and verify quantitative test methods according to ISO 16140 and how to evaluate measurement uncertainty according to ISO 19036. 


English Workshop: Validation, verification and determination of measurement uncertainty in microbiology​


  • When: 20 - 21 October 2020
  • Where: Dresden


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Past Webinars

Get a taste of our webinars by checking out these clips from our last webinars (full version available by request).


Webinar 1:  



Webinar 2: 

Solutions for data import


Webinar 3:

What's new in ISO 13528


Webinar 4:

Best practices for PT


Also we gave two lectures on new approaches in the field of proficiency testing in October 2017. One of them at the PT Conf in Romania, and the other at the Eurachem PT Workshop in Slovenia.


Our presentations attracted wide interest, and we want to share them with everyone who had not the chance to attend.


Webinar 5:

Precision profiles and z score profiles


About: A QuoData initiated proficiency testing scheme. Within the proficiency test new approaches have been utilized to provide more reliable information on the performance of laboratories with the help z score profiles. This webinar is related to our contribution at the PT Conf 2017, in Romania.


Here you can download a summary of the webinar:




Webinar 6:

“Taking laboratory measurement uncertainties into account in assigned value estimates”


About: The consideration of laboratory specific measurement uncertainties for the performance assessment of labs within proficiency tests. This webinar is related to our contribution at the Eurachem PT Workshop 2017, in Slovenia.


Here you can download a summary of the webinar:




Webinar 7:

Utilize your PT results for internal quality control


Webinar 8:

Determine measurement uncertainties



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Previous Workshops

November 2018:

Workshop on Qualitative Microbiological Method Validation and Statistics


Juni 2018:

Workshop for the evaluation of proficiency tests and method validation studies with PROLab


  • PROLab Workshop 2018
  • PROLab Workshop 2017
  • QuoData-FDA-IFSH Workshop