Software for determination of measurement uncertainty acc. to GUM


GUMsim is a software product for the determination of measurement uncertainty

GUMsim® is a software product for the determination of measurement uncertainty in the context of the examination or calibration of measurement instruments or processes.


The algorithms involved are based on the current Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM) and the GUM supplement 1, which deals with the application of the Monte-Carlo method.





GUMsim’s advantages at a glance:

  1. Fully developed statistical tool with excellent price/perfomance ratio
  2. Comprehensive and expert technical support service
  3. Fast computation time
  4. Easy to use, intuitive interface



For more information about our sofware for measurement uncertainty see our GUMsim Flyer.


The determination of measurement uncertainty results from the mathematical relation and statistical evaluation of all factors which contribute to the measurement result. For such measurement models GUMsim offers a comfortable input environment.


Many application models have been pre-defined and are available as templates for your particular evaluations to help you get started.


Statistical features

GUMsim’s statistical analysis follows the calculation rules defined in GUM. The following features are available:

  1. Calculation of the combined standard uncertainty and of the expanded uncertainty
  2. Calculation of the uncertainty contributions from the different factors
  3. Correlation analysis and evaluation of the correlation matrices
  4. Type A (direct and indirect methods) and type B input quantities
  5. Adaptive and non-adaptive Monte-Carlo method
  6. Linear and non-linear models
  7. Symmetric and asymmetric distributions


Comprehensive reports can be generated automatically to provide a final summary of the measurement uncertainty evaluation in accordance with GUM and GUM S1.

Determine MU acc. to GUM with GUMsim

To get an insight in GUMsim we offer several videos which you can find below.


Furthermore, you can give GUMsim a try testing a free demo .

Application area

Deviations from the true value (measurement uncertainty) always accompany measurements carried out in the context of the evaluation or calibration of measurement instruments or procedures. Quality control requires that this uncertainty be quantified. This is the background against which the GUMsim software package was developed.


GUMsim is a tool not only for the analysis but also for the optimization of measurement procedures. The uncertainty results provide an overview of possible uncertainty sources. This information about the quantitative influence of the various input quantities on the final measurement result can be used to minimize the measurement uncertainty, e.g. with an appropriate adjustment of the measurement method.


Among other areas, GUMsim can be used to determine measurement uncertainty:

  1. In analytical chemistry (e.g. substance recognition)
  2. In analytical quality assurance (e.g. water and waste management)
  3. In the food and environmental biology (e.g. estimation of pollutant concentrations)
  4. In metrology
  5. In connection with precision instruments (e.g. systems engineering)
  6. In connection with geometrical measurements (e.g. coordinate metrology in the automobile industry)
  7. In connection with materials testing (e.g. hardness tests)


Furthermore, GUMsim can be used to determine the uncertainty of measurement and testing procedures used by testing laboratories, accreditation bodies and calibration services.



For using GUMsim we charge the following license fees:

840 Euro for a single place license


A license is computer-bound - that is to say, a license allows all users of one computer to work with GUMsim. With the purchase of a license, you acquire the right to transfer the license from one computer to another (up to three times).


We offer special license models for universities - contact us to find out more!


Network licenses can be offered on request.


We ensure continuous program maintenance.


Furthermore, we offer a hotline for technical and statistical support.

Workshops and individual training courses

Software workshops

We regularly offer specific GUMsim software workshops for licensees and interested parties. Under professional guidance, you have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the software and its statistical background, and to discuss issues of data evaluation or important theoretical questions, should the need arise.


Individual training courses

Together with our experts you can develop uncertainty models customized to your area of application.


  • example features of using GUMsim for measurement uncertainty calculations
  • easy-to-produce grafts using GUMsim for determining MU
  • example graph of MU using GUMsim software
  • example table from GUMsim for calculating MU