International PROLab Workshop 2019 in Berlin


International PROLab Workshop 2019 in Berlin

The 2019 international PROLab workshop was successfully hosted by QuoData on 25-27 September at its Berlin premises. International participants from Turkey, Serbia, Germany and Indonesia attended this fruitful 3-day in-depth workshop.


The workshop covered various topics on interlaboratory studies - method validation as well as proficiency tests in compliance with the relevant standards such as ISO 13528:2015, ISO 5725 and ISO/IEC 17043.


During the workshop, lectures packed with practical topics were introduced to new joined members of the PROLab community by QuoData experts, Christian Bläul, Bertrand Colson and Tim Siedentop. The presentations included QuoData's novel approach for the evaluation of qualitative data. Throughout the whole workshop, QuoData provided insights to the participants into interlaboratory lab assessment and method validation using QuoData’s software solution, PROLab.


After the 3-day in-depth training, participants expressed their satisfaction on the information received and the knowledge shared in this workshop. The workshop was helpful improving their scientific and statistic skills on planning and conducting interlaboratory studies as well as understanding of requirements of international standards.


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