Upcoming events for QuoData in 2015


Upcoming events for QuoData in 2015

QuoData is set to attend the following exciting events over the next year within the US and Europe. Acting primarily as contributor to events via lectures and poster presentations, QuoData will also support its partners in a number of combined projects listed below:


ISBER Annual Meeting May 5th – 9th in Phoenix, Arizona

The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) will hold its annual meeting again to bring together biobanks through global health, research and environmental preservation. QuoData will introduce its software, mqVAL, alongside the IBBL of Luxembourg, who has been using mqVAL for its biobank data. mqVAL is an easy-to-use software package for in-house quality control based on the Shewhart control chart as formalized in ISO 7870-2.


FDA Science Forum 2015 May 27th – 28th in Silver Spring, Maryland

The US FDA will hold a public event on current and upcoming scientific developments conducted on-site. QuoData will present case study data on behalf of the FDA, to emphasize the use of PT data for the validation of methods - particularly in relation to the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).


German PROLab Workshop June 17th – 19th in Dresden, Germany

The three day German language workshop on the evaluation of proficiency tests provides attendees an overview of interlaboratory studies in theory and practice: from planning and data management to evaluation according to ISO standards. (Program coming soon).


PROCORAD Annual Meeting June 17th – 19th in Toledo, Spain

PROCORAD is the association for the promotion of quality control in radiotoxicological analysis. They will be holding their annual meeting in June. In attendance will be the French agency for radiological protection and nuclear safety (IRSN), who will present a lecture on the use of PROLab for the interpretation of long-term follow-up in lab results.


IAFP 2015 July 25th – 28th in Portland, Oregon

The International Association for Food Protection conference is the largest annual food safety conference in the United States. QuoData will team up once again with the US FDA to present a number of our joint projects. Meet QuoData at its booth (No.563) and learn about our tools and services for method development and lab assessment in the field of food safety.


PT Conf September 16th – 18th in Timisoara, Romania

The PT Conf offers our European users and customers abroad, an opportunity to meetup with the larger PT community to discuss, exchange and debate. This biennial conference is in its 5th year and offers attendees the opportunity to hear from leaders in PT and learn about new topics in PT. QuoData will have a booth during the exhibition and provide a lecture on the Naji Plot.


English PROLab Workshop September 23rd – 25th in Dresden, Germany

The English version of the PROLab workshop also focuses on the evaluation of proficiency tests and provides attendees an overview of interlaboratory studies in theory and practice: from planning and data management to evaluation according to international ISO standards. The international workshop is open to all interested parties (PROLab users or not) – in the past we’ve had attendees from even Mongolia and Iraq.  


Langenauer Wasserforum on November 9th – 10th in Langenau, Germany

The Langenauer Wasserforum (water conference) is held every two years for the DACH (German-Austrian-Swiss) region on developments in environmental analysis, water policy and water economics. The forum acts as a platform for discussion between different players in water resource management. QuoData will present the following two posters from its R&D work in method development for water analysis:


  • Detection of Bisphenol-A and Bisphenol-A deriatives in aqueous foodstuff and environmental samples. (K. Hettwer, K. Simon, M. Jähne, S. Uhlig, M. Giersberg, G. Kunze)
  • Developments in online multisensory systems for effect-directed evidence from hormones and pharmaceuticals in sewage and ground water. (K. Simon, K. Hettwer, M. Jähne, S. Uhlig, F. Itzel, L. Gehrmann, G. Hanke, P. Weißwange, M. Giersberg, M. H. Pham Thi, T.C. Schmidt, J. Türk, G. Kunze)


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Abstracts for events are available upon request: info@quodata.de