QuoData certified


The new quality standard for your measurement methods - QuoData certified

The QuoData Certified Stamp is the quality standard for method development and validation

Sometimes there are no appropriate guidelines for techniques needed to validate particular methods. That’s where QuoData certified comes in. It's a certification service provided by QuoData to ensure that methods perform satisfactorily. Often involving state-of-the-art statistical tools and techniques, QuoData provides certification even when there are no formal guidelines.


Methods that go through the QuoData certified process are checked upon the four following statistical parameters: 

  • Proof of Principle: suitability of the measurement principle

  • Comprehensive validation protocol: trueness, precision, accuracy, power function (POD)

  • P-Profile: an application-specific performance profile with respect to sensitivity and precision according to the relevant standards (with LoD, LoQ, CCα, CCβ etc...)
  • MU-Profile: a statistically sound measurement uncertainty profile 


Your benefits:

  • Provide accreditation authorities with documentation of your method's performance 

  • Ensure your analytical results and reports 
  • Identify and remedy your method's weaknesses
  • Demonstrate that your method is better than the competition's
  • Make your results visually compelling with intuitive and stylish graphics, reports and Flash applications


Benefit from QuoData's multidisciplinary expertise. Set new quality standards!