The QuoData Data Scientists present innovative approaches for interlaboratory studies


The QuoData Data Scientists present innovative approaches for interlaboratory studies

The Data Scientists of QuoData continually develop new approaches for the interpretation of proficiency testing data or novel PT programs. The focus of QuoData is to provide PT participants more detailed insights for ongoing improvement of their performance. The experts of QuoData are constant on the way to present new ideas and to exchange with the international PT community.


In October, there are two events for international proficiency testing providers, where the QuoData will be present: The PT Conf in Romania and the Eurachem Workshop in Slovenia. At both events, QuoData gives a presentation about current questions for the evaluation of interlaboratory studies. Furthermore, QuoData is on-site with a booth in the exhibition area. There participants can become familiar with the QuoData Software PROLab, for the evaluation of PT and method validation studies or share their ideas with our experts.


From 03 – 06 October the Sixth International Proficiency Testing Conference (PT-Conf) takes place in Romania. During the conference, Bertrand Colson presents a QuoData initiated PT program. Within the PT new approaches have been utilized to provide more reliable information on the performance of laboratories:


“New PT scheme for yeast assays for the detection of estrogenic effects in drinking water and waste water using a new evaluation concept based on precision profiles and z score profiles”



After PT Conf the experts of QuoData travel to the Eurachem Workshop on Proficiency Testing taking place from 09 – 12 October. The contribution of QuoData deals with the consideration of laboratory specific measurement uncertainties for the performance assessment of labs within interlaboratory studies:


“Taking laboratory measurement uncertainties into account in assigned value estimates”




Are you on-site at the PT Conf or at the Eurachem Workshop? Would you like to make an individual appointment or want to receive a copy of our abstracts? If so, then please contact us.