QuoData-Workshops 2016/2017 – Build up your know-how in internal and external QA


QuoData-Workshops 2016/2017 – Build up your know-how in internal and external QA

All 2016/2017 dates for QuoData’s roster of workshops have been finalized. What's new this year is the addition of a brand new workshop. It will focus on method validation from an expert’s point-of-view. As with prior years, both the well-known PROLab workshop for the evaluation of interlaboratory studies and the InterVAL workshop for in-house method validation, verification and quality assurance, have been scheduled as well.


QuoData offers a number of workshops throughout the year covering internal and external quality assurance. Besides teaching the essentials, QuoData workshops always emphasize the practical application of internal and external quality assurance. They use relevant examples to apply theory, as well as to interpret and discuss results thereby helping participants understand their own data better than before. Participants benefit from QuoData’s multiple years of experience and the know-how of its qualified experts.


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New: Expert workshop for method validation (English only)

The internal and external validation of methods requires know-how and experience. Choosing a validation approach, setting up an effective study design and correctly interpreting results can be a tough task for a laboratory.


With the two-day advanced workshop on method validation from 28 – 29 March, 2017, QuoData’s experts provide the most important concepts and evaluation approaches for validation studies on a practical level. A range of specific method validation topics will be covered, including concepts like the factorial approach and best practices for the participants’ own validation studies. Further details will be published soon.


This workshop is especially designed for QA representatives and laboratories managers in the fields of food and feed as well as scientists working in chemical analysis. 


Dates: 28 - 29 March, 2017 in Berlin (Language: English)


PROLab workshop for the evaluation of interlaboratory studies (English and German)

A staple on QuoData’s workshop agenda for years, this workshop focuses on techniques in proficiency testing and interlaboratory method validation studies using PROLab. This workshop will be offered in English and German.


A key feature of this workshop is its coverage of ISO 13528 and its application for proficiency tests, as well as ISO 5725-2 and its application in method validation studies. All concepts and calculations will be demonstrated in the software PROLab. The full workshop outline will be available soon.


This Workshop is designed for PROLab software users as well as interested parties from the field of analytical quality assurance. Those running regular interlaboratory studies or those in the process of establishing a new EQA/PT program are equally suited to the program of this workshop.


Dates: 22 -24 February, 2017 in Berlin (Language: English)

Dates: 3-5 May, 2017 in Dresden (Language: German)



In-house validation, verification and quality assurance of measurement methods with InterVAL (English and German)

This workshop focuses on the comprehensive in-house validation of measurement methods. Study design concepts and their evaluation will be presented based on the requirements of ISO 11843, DIN 32645 and CD657/2002. All examples will be demonstrated with the software InterVAL.


This workshop has been specially designed for InterVAL users as well as interested parties. It is recommended for both experienced users and beginners. The full workshop outline will be available soon.


Dates: 23 - 25 November, 2017 in Dresden (Language: German)

Dates: 8 -10 November, 2017 in Berlin (Language: English)



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