Iraqi COSQC starts national interlaboratory program – QuoData lends support with software and know-how


Iraqi COSQC starts national interlaboratory program – QuoData lends support with software and know-how

IQAS is the leading accreditor for laboratories in Iraq. Currently, quality assurance and standards are monitored by IQAS through the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control, COSQC. Regular participation in interlaboratory tests is important to maintain comprehensive quality assurance and the successful accreditation of laboratories according to ISO 17025.


Because of that COSQC initiated in cooperation with SWEDAC, the Swedish accreditation institution, a comprehensive interlaboratory test program for the areas of construction material, food safety and others.


In the context of this new program, our software PROLab Plus will be used for the evaluation and planning of the interlaboratory studies. RingDat Online, an online solution from QuoData, will be used for data entry and registration for the different rounds. This will enable COSQC to provide the tests planned with PROLab Plus, online. RingDat Online allows for easy importing of participants’ measurement data from the online interface for the evaluation directly.


Another facet of QuoData’s participation has been the organization of a workshop. Main topics of the 3-day event included statistics for the evaluation of interlaboratory tests according to ISO 13528, as well as usage of PROLab Plus and RingDat Online. One highlight of the event included the presentation by a long-time PROLab user, about her daily work with the software. The participants benefited strongly from the presentation of the long-term experience of a professional PROLab user.


Mrs Hanzlik from the Saxon State Company for Environment and Agriculture (BfUL) presented the multi-federal-state-wide interlaboratory program "LAWA" from the area of environment monitoring and a practical approach in sample preparation and realization of interlaboratory tests.


In this way QuoData, would like to thank all guests, Mrs Hanzlik, the BfUL as well as the UNIDO for making this workshop so successful.