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Interlaboratory studies as a service

Quality and statistics in interlaboratory studies

Organizing a PT? In addition to software, QuoData offers its extensive knowledge in planning, performing, evaluating and interpretation for your interlaboratory studies, regardless of whether it’s in the private or public sector. 


Interlaboratory studies represent an indispensable instrument for:

  • the assessment of laboratory performance (proficiency tests)
  • in-house analytical quality assurance
  • evaluating the performance of newly developed measurement methods (method validation)
  • the certification of reference materials


A vast selection of methodologies, procedures and techniques can be utilized in the carrying out and evaluation of interlaboratory studies.


This is where QuoData comes in.


With our multi-disciplinary experience and unique expertise, we are both your reliable outsourcing partner for the performance of concrete tasks, and the insightful and innovative specialists you need when standard approaches prove inadequate. Providing you economic and efficient solutions at any step, we take the hard work out of performing studies to provide you with results and interpretations that matter.  Let us get the most out of your data.


Take a look at our interactive chart to see how QuoData can assist you at every stage of your study. For terminology, see our page on background information.


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QuoData and Data Science

QuoData brings together the life sciences and computer sciences to deliver cutting edge services in data science

At the junction point between mathematics, the life sciences and computer science, exciting projects come together and flourish in what we collectively call Data Science. What makes Quo Data unique is our ability discern value from data and to integrate this within interlaboratory studies.




Take a look below for an overview of current and past projects for examples:

Life sciences

QuoData is developing biochemical measurement systems for the detection of pharmaceutical and hormonal substances such as estrogens and antibiotics. In this way, we cooperate  with international partners to develop several analytical measurement systems such as A-YES, ESTR‑A‑LISER and pharm‑a‑liser. These systems  enable low limits of detection and can be applied cost-effectively for routine measurements. Our experience in the development of such analytical methods gives us an unique perspective in the design and performance of interlaboratory studies.

Statistical sciences

Whereas typical interlaboratory study providers apply mathematical methods which they have played no role in developing, a considerable part of QuoData’s staff consists of professional mathematicians dedicated to developing and refining statistical methods for interlaboratory study applications. 


As a result, our scientists are involved in: trend analysis, meta-analyses, ‘big data’ analysis, development of statistical models and algorithms, legally admissible results, analysis and evaluation of qualitative data, sampling and extrapolation, calibration techniques (linear, non-linear, matrix & additive). We take your data and extract value and meaning from it. 

Computer science

Another considerable part of QuoData’s staff consists of professional software developers who, collaborating with QuoData’s maths team, have developed specialist software packages such as PROLab, a software product specially designed for the performance and evaluation of interlaboratory studies.