Current interlaboratory studies

Current interlaboratory studies – Design, planning and evaluation

Let us run your interlaboratory study

In addition to  our software for the planning and evaluation of interlaboratory studies, you can utilize our expertise as a service. Our all-inclusive service covers everything from logistics and organization of to execution and evaluation.


The QuoData team has been successfully involved in the design the evaluation of proficiency tests and validation studies for more than 20 years.  Find out more about our service offers here.


Below you will find a collection of interlaboratory studies QuoData is currently involved in:


Proficiency Tests

Interlaboratory trial for in vitro bioassays for the determination of hormonal activity

The interlaboratory trial “Hormonal Effects” is tailored for users of effect-based in vitro bioassays for the determination of hormonal activity (estrogenicity, androgenicity, progestagenicity) in water and food samples.


Accredited testing laboratories may use the results to meet the requirements of ISO 17025:2018 in that they have participated in an appropriate interlaboratory comparison program as part of their external quality assurance. For non-accredited laboratories, this interlaboratory study enables the assessment of their testing performance in comparison with other laboratories.



Interlaboratory study for effect-based in vitro methods to detect estrogenic activity

This interlaboratory comparison exercise provides valuable information on the comparability and reproducibility of the in vitro methods used for effect-based detection of estrogenic activity and goes far beyond the scope of a classical PT.


This interlaboratory comparison approach is therefore interesting for accredited and non-accredited laboratories.



GSR Quality Scheme (on behalf of ENFSI)

QuoData oversees the annual international proficiency test for determination of gunshot residues addressed to forensic laboratories. Find out about the GSR PT on our  GSR website.



SDD Quality Scheme (in cooperation with ENFSI)

Annual international proficiency testing rounds for the estimation of shooting distance with samples specially designed for chemographical methods are now provided to forensic laboratories. Find out more about the SDD PT on our SDD website.


QSE Multi - PT 

The semi-annual multiparameter proficiency test allows participating laboratories to monitor their analytical performance throughout the sample preparation and analysis process of milk and dairy products up to the reporting of results. The laboratories receive an independent report from QSE, allowing them to compare their performance internationally with third parties, ensure their analytical quality and demonstrate their competence according to ISO/IEC 17025.



QSE GmbH is responsible for the entire planning and execution of the proficiency test. This includes the production and dispatch of the samples for proficiency testing, homogeneity and stability tests, metrological traceability, customer support, performance evaluation and the authorization of the reports and certificates. QSE and the multiparameter proficiency test are accredited according to ISO/IEC 17043.


QuoData is subcontracted to carry out the statistical calculations and prepare the final reports. The evaluations are carried out according to the criteria of " QuoData certified" with the help of PROLab Plus using statistical methods in accordance with ISO 13528:2015. 

Method Validation Studies

International Interlaboratory Study for method validation - Determination of NSAIDs)

The Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL, Berlin) is conducting an international interlaboratory study for validating an LC-MS/MS confirmation method for the determination of NSAIDs in milk.


In this method validation study, a factorial test design is applied in order to identify systematically the influence of various factors on the measurement results while the workload for each participant is kept to a minimum. QuoData developed the experimental design in cooperation with the BVL.


The dispatch of the samples was carried out by the BVL in November 2016. The participating laboratories can submit the measurement results via a web tool provided by QuoData.


The statistical evaluation will be carried out by QuoData and executed in accordance with CD 2002/657/EC criteria and ISO 5725 standards.



Internal Q.A.

No internal quality assurance (QA) tests are being run at the current time.