• ai solutions

    Artificial Intelligence Methods for Analytical Quality Assurance

    Artificial intelligence methods are now seeping into healthcare, medicine, agriculture and food sectors. Keeping the buzz aside, such methods are increasingly efficient at addressing a task at hand.


    At QuoData, we aim to develop strategies to demonstrate dependability and reliability of AI methods. See more >

  • software solutions


    We develop innovative software solutions for interlaboratory studiesin-house method validationinternal quality control and the determination of measurement uncertaintySee more >
  • Ringversuche

    Interlaboratory Studies, Method Validation Studies and Proficiency Tests

    Rely on our experience in the evaluation of interlaboratory studies. We can optimize your test design and apply innovative evaluation and assessment tools, e.g. for the calculation of scores in PTs with qualitative data. Learn more >
  • data science

    Data Science

    Data Science is our interdisciplinary approach to obtaining information from data. Learn more >
  • web solutions

    Web Services

    We develop individual web applications - e.g. for data management and transfer or for the automation of QA processes. See examples >
  • workshops zur Ringversuchen

    Workshops & Seminars

    We regularly offer workshops and webinars for planning and evaluation of interlaboratory studies and in-house method validation studies.
    23 - 25 September, 2020: International PROLab Workshop about interlaboratory studies, in Dresden
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We let your data speak - QuoData - Quality Management and Statistics GmbH

QuoData - Quality and Statistics

What we do

QuoData is based in Berlin and Dresden and provides statistical expertise and consulting services to support industry, research and government in quality assurance and process optimization. We specialize in interlaboratory testing, validation of measurement methods, experimental and sampling design. Find out more.


See our company presentation [PDF] here.

Data Science

We develop models geared to your real-world needs and apply state-of-the-art statistical methods to analyse your data. We check the validity of existing statistical evaluations and methods. We help optimize your study's sampling plan.


For your R&D projects, our experts in statistical optimization will apply the latest methods to provide an efficient experimental design, to help you develop experimental procedures, and to carry out the statistical evaluation of the results.


Data Science

Research and development

QuoData produces original research and collaborates with international institutions to develop and validate methods. Some of our current projects range from the validation of tumor markers to the development of measurement systems for the detection of hormones in water, among others.


Our interdisciplinary team of scientists, mathematicians and statisticians brings together scientific and technical know-how to reach the highest standards in research quality.


See our R&D projects

Interlaboratory studies

Interlaboratory studies are expensive and time-consuming. It is thus essential to streamline their design, implementation and evaluation. To achieve this, QuoData brings to bear its multifaceted expertise gained over many years of experience.


Find out about our services

Software for Quality Assurance

software-for-interlaboratory-studies  software-for-measurement-uncertainty  software for in-house method validation

Drawing on state-of-the-art statistical methods, we develop software solutions for interlaboratory studies, in-house method validation and the determination of measurement uncertainty. We also provide a number of web services to our international clientele.

Current publications

QuoData scientists regularly publish in scientific journals to discuss and introduce novel approaches for analytical quality assurance.

Effect-based trigger values for in vitro and in vivo bioassays...

Development and In-House Validation of an LC-MS and LC-MS/MS Assay...

Carcinoembryonic antigen and cytokeratin-19 fragments for assessment...

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Case Studies and Feedback


Interested to hear what others have to say about our products and services?

  • Die Reportfunktion und die graphischen Darstellungen von PROLab sind sehr,sehr hilfreich!


    -Monika Ratte

    Managing Director

    Using PROLab saves us a lot of time in every phase of evaluation. The powerful statistical and graphical possibilities enhance the value we get from the data.


    -Alicia Najera

    International QA Manager

    For the first time since I joined the company 5 years ago the interlaboratory comparison program could finally meet its budget goals and reporting deadlines. Now it is really a piece of cake.


    -Patrick Galler

    R&D Engineer
  • PROLab gave us new ideas for how to solve problem and we were impressed with the visualization of data and its fast results.


    -Milenko Maricic

    Lead Engineer at Institute IMS


    Ich lobpreise ihre PROLab software so oft ich irgendwo Kollegen mit ähnlichen Herausforderungen treffe.


    -Patrick Galler

    R&D Engineer

    PROLab was very easy to get started with because there is a good response from QuoData representatives. They respond to my requests and give me real examples to follow.


    -Adel Osama Sayed

    Quality Manager
  • Even with the demo, I was able to use the software with minimum intervention from the PROLab team, especially taking into account that I am located in South Africa.


    -Lucky Mumba

    Laboratory Manager

    Nous avons pu voir étendue des capacités du logiciel PROLAB Plus et nous en sommes impressionnés. autre part ce logiciel est un outil très utile qui facilite considérablement exploitation de données intercomparaisons.


    -Isabelle Vu

    Research Engineer 

    PROLab was appreciated by all participating labs due to the fact that it follows International ISO standards and has good presentation of statistically analyzed interpreted data.


    -Angamuthu Manoharan

    Senior Scientist