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New Homogeneity & Stability Testing Module released

Cequator Homogeneity & Stability Testing Module

QuoData is excited to announce a powerful new addition to its clinical EQA software-as-a-service suite Cequator – a powerful Homogeneity & Stability Testing module. This feature allows EQA providers to analyze homogeneity and stability data of EQA/PT samples as required by ISO 17043.

Homogeneity and stability are critical factors in ensuring accurate and reproducible results when using EQA/PT samples. The new module followst he protocols of ISO 13528 and streamlines the analysis process with:

  • Comprehensive Data Analysis - Calculate statistical parameters like mean, standard deviation for homogeneity between sample lots.
  • Stability Study Monitoring - Track stability over time with customizable study designs for real-time, and transport conditions.
  • Intuitive Visualizations - Easily interpret data with charts and graphs that display trends, outliers, and statistical boundaries.
  • Regulatory Compliance - Meet ISO, CLIA, CAP, and other regulatory requirements for homogeneity and stability testing of EQA/PT samples.

Ensure confidence in your EQA/PT samples with the new Homogeneity & Stability Testing feature. Contact QuoData today to schedule a demo!